Mesopotamian - An Akkadian mother-goddess, goddess of fertility, hunting, love, war. Daughter of Anu and Nannar. Daughter of Ea, Enki or Sin, some say. Sister of Ereshkigal, Samas and Teshub, some say. Sister and wife of Tammuz, some say. Mother and wife of Tammuz, some say. Wife of Nabu, some say. As a goddess of love, she was associated with the planet Venus. In the Assyrian stories, Ishtar was the wife of Ashur, the war-god, and she grew a beard that reached her breast. As an Akkadian goddess she was the wife of Tammuz and descended to the underworld, Aralu, to bring back her husband when he died. She was kept in the underworld by the ruler, Ereshkigal, until the gods created Ashushu-Namir and sent him to demand Ishtar's release. In some accounts, it was Belet-Seri, not Ishtar, who went to the underworld. A similar story involves Inanna and Dumuzi, the Sumerian equivalents. Other accounts have her as consort of Marduk, others identify her with Anat, Anunitm, Aruru, Ashrah, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Athar, Belit, Damkina, Inanna, Ninhursaga, Ninlil or Nintu. When Gilgamesh rejected her advances she persuaded Anu to send the Bull of Heaven to despoil the earth. She is depicted as riding a lion and is sometimes envisaged as male. In some references, called Ishtar, Asdar, Asdar, Ashdar, Ashdar, Astar, Astar, Athar, Estar, Estar, Ininna, Ininna, Irnini, Irnini, Istar, Istar, Lady of Battles, Lady of Battles, Sirtu, Sirtu, Tamar, Tamar, Mesopotamian Ashtoreth, Agusaya, Agusaya, Anunitum, Anunitum, Antu, Anunit, Anunitu, Anunit(u), As(h)darAshtart, As(h)darAshtart, Ast(h)ar, Ast(h)ar, Bau Gula, Bau Gula, Mami, Kilili, Kilili, Fish-man, Mah, Mah, Makh, Mami, Ninhursaga, Ninmah, Ninsikil, Nintu, Mama, Mama, Ama-arhus, Asase, Mami, Mami, Minu-anni, Minu-anni, Minu-ullua, Minu-ullu, Minu-ulla, Minu-ulla, Mylitta, Mylitta, Aphrodite, Mulitta, Mulliltu, Greek Aphrodite, Sumerian Ninlil, Qadishtu, Qadishtu, Sarpanitu, Sarpanitu, Ealur, Erua, Sarpanit, Sarpanitum, Zarbanit, Zarpanit, Zarpanitu, Zarpanitum, Zerpanitu, Zerpanitum, Zirat-panitu, Aruru, Belti(y)a, Sarpanit(um), Zarpanitu(m), Zerpanitu(m), Semitic Succoth Benoth, Babylonian Ashtoreth, Babylonian Ashtoreth, Egyptian Hathor, Egyptian Hathor, Ashtoreth, Tanit, Hebrew Tamar, Hebrew Tamar, Hurrian Shaushkas, Hurrian Shaushkas, Phoenician Astarte, Phoenician Astarte, Asherah, Sams, Sumerian Baba, Sumerian Baba, Baau, Gula, Inanna, Inanna, Inana, Innana, Innin, Innini, Inninina, Nana, Ninanna, Nininni, Ninni, Ninsinna, Queen of Heaven, Astarte, Innin(ina), Nana, Nin(in)ni, 'sky lady', Akkadian Ish(t)ar, Phrygian Cybele, Babylonian Nina, Ella, Ella, Iku, Iku, Marduk, Nidaba Nin, Nidaba Nin, Saltu or Saltu.

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