European - The wolf in Reynard the Fox. Mate of Gieremund. He accused Reynard of blinding three offspring and insulting his wife. When Reynard was tried before the king's court and offered to fight Isengrim to prove his innocence, the wolf was defeated. Some say he was later killed so that his heart could be used to cure the king of an illness, a remedy suggested by the crafty Reynard. Also called Isengrim, Isegrim, Isegrim, Isengrin, Isengrin, Isengrym, Isengrym, Isgrim, Isgrim, Ysengrimus, Ysengrimus, Ysengrim, Ysengrim, Ysengrin, Ysengrin, Ise(n)grim, Ise(n)grim, Ysengrim(us) or Ysengrim(us).

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