European - Daughter of the king of Galicia. Wife of Zerbino. Her father refused to allow Isabella, a Moslem, to marry Zerbino, a Christian, so they married secretly. When Zerbino was recalled to Scotland, she set out to follow him in a ship captained by Oderic. They were shipwrecked and Oderic and the few of the crew who survived sold her to pirates. She was rescued by Roland who took her under his protection. They came across Zerbino, a prisoner of a group of armed men who w ere soon routed by Roland, and she was reunited with her husband. When Zerbino was killed fighting Mandricardo for the ownership of the sword, Durindana, she vowed to enter a monastery but met Rodomont en route and he tried to dissuade her from such a course. She offered him a secret herb remedy that would make him invulnerable and, anointing herself with the liquid, invited him to strike her with his sword to prove its effectiveness. It was, in fact, a ruse to escape his clutches and the sword stroke cut off her head. At times, known as Isabella.
European - Daughter of King Hoel. Also identified as Isabella.

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