Greek - A king of Argos. Son of Alector. Father of Eteoclus and Evadne. It was he who advised Polyneices to bribe the wife of Amphiarus to persuade her husband to join the Seven Against Thebes. In some references, referred to as Iphis.
Greek - A youth of Cyprus. He loved Anaxarete but she spurned him and remained unmoved when he hanged himself at her door. Aphrodite turned her to stone for her heartlessness. On occassion, referred to as Iphis.
Greek - Daughter of Ligdus and Telethusa. Ligdus said that, if their child was a girl, it had to be abandoned and so his wife deceived him and reared the girl as a boy. 'He' was betrothed to the maiden Ianthe but Isis saved them all from a difficult situation by changing Iphis into a man before the wedding. Occasionally called Iphis.

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