North American - A sun-god of the Iroquois. Son of Wind-Ruler and Breath-of-Wind. Twin brother of Tawiscara. He is regarded as the creator of the universe and mankind. He fought with his twin brother, even in their mother's womb, and she died when they were born. From then on they fought for supremacy. In one story they fought, Ioskeha with a stag's horn and Tawiscara with a rose. Tawiscara was wounded and fled leaving Ioskeha as the principal god who killed monsters, including the Great Frog which had swallowed all the water from the lakes and rivers, and taught the people the arts of agriculture and hunting. It is said that he was taught the secrets of medicine by Hadui. In some accounts, Ioskeha married his grandmother, Ataensic, and renews his youth when he grows old. Occasionally identified as Ioskeha, Iouskeha, Iouskeha, Jouskeha, Jouskeha, Odendonnia, Odendonnia, Oterongtongnia, Oterongtongnia, Tawiscara, Sapling, Sapling, Djuskaha, Teharon, Teharon, Teharonhiawagon, Teharonhiawagon, Tharonhiawakon, Tharonhiawakon, Tharonmaouagon, Tharonmaouagon, White One, White One, Gwenhwyfar, Yoskeha, Yoskeha, Hahgwehdiyu, Hahgwehdiyu, 'Sapling', 'Sapling', Teharon(hiawagon), Teharon(hiawagon), Tharonhiaouagon, Tharonhiaouagon, Abnaki Gluskap, Abnaki Gluskap, Manabozho, Manabush, Messou, Wisaka, Algonquin Manabozho, Algonquin Manabozho, Gluskap, Huron Tsent(s)a, Huron Tsent(s)a, Menominee Manabush, Menominee Manabush, Montagnais Messou or Montagnais Messou.

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