Norse - A deadly snake. This monster, the Midgard serpent, was, with Fensir and Hel, the offspring of the secret marriage between Loki and Angerbode. Odin threw the serpent into the sea where it became so large that it encircled the earth. On one occasion, it was caught by Thor on a fishing trip but his companion, Hymir, cut the line in fear. It emerged to fight the gods at Ragnarok and was killed by Thor who perished in the flood of venom that erupted from the dying monster. In some accounts, identified as Iormungandr, Iormungand, Iormungand, Iormungard, Iormungard, Jormungand, Jormungand, Jormungandr, Jormungandr, Jormungard, Jormungard, Midgard, Midgard, Mana-heim, Manaheim, Mannheim, Midgaard, Midgardr, Midgarthr, Mitgard, Mann(a)heim, Midgardsormen, Midgardsormen, Midgardsormr, Midgardsormr, Mitgardsormen, Mitgardsormen, Mithgarthsormr, Mithgarthsormr, World Serpent, World Serpent, Ananta, Ananta, Jormungand(r), Jormungand(r), Mithgardsormr, Mithgardsormr, World serpent, World serpent or Ananta.

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