Greek - Son of Apollo or Xuthus and Creusa. Husband of Helice. In one story, he was the son of Apollo who had raped Creusa, abandoned as a baby and taken to Delphi. His mother later married Xuthus and they both sought the advice of the Delphic Oracle when they found themselves childless. Here they discovered Ion who was happily reunited with his mother. Later, believing the story that Ion was an illegitimate son of Xuthus, Creusa tried to poison him but Apollo (or Athene) intervened to save him. Ion would then have killed Creusa but Pythia proved to her that Ion was her natural son and the rift was healed. Other accounts say that he was the natural son of Xuthus and Creusa who married Helice and became king of the Ionians. He was killed in battle between the Athenians and the Eleusinians. Also identified as Ion.
Greek - A play by Euripides. Sometimes referred to as Ion.

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