Greek - Daughter of Eurytus. Wife of Hyllus. Mother of Cleodaeus. When Heracles abandoned Megara he sought the hand of Iole. Her father offered her as a prize to any man who could beat him at archery but when Heracles did so he reneged on his undertaking. At a later date, after he had married Deianeira, Heracles exacted revenge by sacking Oechalia and killing Eurytus and Iole's family. Iole tried to kill herself by jumping from the city walls but failed. Heracles sent her to be looked after by Deianeira but he was inadvertently killed by Deianeira before he could return home to Trachis. Iole married Hyllus, son of Heracles, after the hero's death and they had a son, Cleodaeus. Also known as Iole.

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