Greek - Son of Iphicles and Astyoche or Automedusa. Heracles took this lad, his nephew, as his charioteer during the period of his Labours. At the end of this period, he gave his wife, Megara, to Iolaus. In some stories, Iolaus is sixteen when he takes Megara which makes him rather young for a charioteer at the start of his adventures. In the adventure with the Hydra, when Heracles cut off each of the monster's heads, Iolaus cauterised the wound to prevent the head from growing again. Some say that, when old, he was restored to youth by Hebe in order to help the children of Heracles when attacked by Eurystheus who, in some accounts, he killed. In some accounts he is referred to as Iolanus. Sometimes identified as Iolaus, Iolanus, Iolanus, Iolaos or Iolaos.

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