Invasion Myths

Irish - The tales of the successive waves of people invading and settling in Ireland. These tal es, as told in The Book of Invasions, mention six waves: 1. Cessair (or Banba) with a party of fifty-four, most of whom perished in the flood. 2. Partholanians who were decimated by plague. 3. Nemedians of whom only nine survived shipwreck to reach Ireland. Their descendants were defeated by the Fomoire and the thirty survivors left for Britain and Greece. 4. Fir Bolgs, descendants of Nemed, in three tribes, from Greece and/or Spain. 5. Danaans, also descendants of Nemed, who defeated the Fir Bolg and the Fomoire. 6. Milesians who defeated the Danaans. Alternative listings omit Cessair in one case and the Fir Bolgs in another. Also identified as Invasion Myths, Book of Invasions, Book of Invasions, Book of Conquests, Leabhar Gabala, Leabhar Gabhala, Lebor Gabala or Leabhar Gab(h)ala (Eireann).

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