Norse - Daughter of a king of Sogn. Sister of Belé. Wife of Thorsten. Mother of Frithiof. When Jokul conquered the kingdom he killed Ingeborg's father, banished her brother Belé and turned her into a witch. She saved Thorsten from the sea when Jokul called up a storm that twice shipwrecked him and when Thorsten found the exiled Belé and restored him to the throne she was restored to her former self and married Thorsten. Also commonly identified as Ingeborg.
Norse - Daughter of Belé. Sister of Halfdan anbd Helgé. Wife of Sigurd Ring. Her father was king of Sogn. As a child she played with Frithiof, Thorsten's son. She fell in love with Frithiof and he asked for her hand in marriage at the enthronement of her brothers Helgé and Halfdan as joint-kings on the death of Belé, but Helgé rejected his suit because Frithiof's father was a commoner. She was sought as a wife by Sigurd Ring, king of Ringric, but he was upset by a joking remark about his age made by Halfdan and sent an invading army. When Frithiof refused to help them, the brothers made peace with Sigurd Ring under which they paid him an annual tribute and gave him Ingeborg in marriage. She met Frithiof in Hoder's temple and they broke the most sacred law by speaking within that holy precinct. He gave her the armband of Volund as a love-token. In some stories she married Frithiof after the death of Sigurd Ring. Sometimes known as Ingeborg.
Norse - An attendant on Hunvor. Wife of Halfdan. Occasionally known as Ingeborg.

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