Mesopotamian - A Hittite goddess. Daughter of Teshub. When the dragon Illuyankas overcame the weather-god, Teshub, she and her lover Hupasiyas made the monster and its offspring drunk and tied them up so that Teshub could kill them. Others say they trapped the dragon by giving it so much food that it got wedged in the passage to its undergound lair. She built a house for Hupasiyas and ordered him not to look out in case he should see his wife and family. When he disobeyed, she killed him. In another version, Inara was a Hittite god who usurped the heavenly throne but was overthrown by Ea. Identified as Inara, Inar, Inar, Inaras, Inaras, Innara, Innara, Lama, Lama, Inar(as) or Inar(as).

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