Egyptian - A god of learning, medicine, scribes. A pharaoh, later fully deified. Son of Sakhmet or of Ptah and a mortal woman. He was a scholar of the 26th C BC, said to have designed the first pyramid, and was deified as Ptah. In some lore, occasionally identified as Imhotep, Iemhetep, Iemhetep, Imheptep, Imheptep, Ptah, Ptah, Phtah, Ram of Mendes, Khery-bakef, Ptah-Nun, Ptah-Naunet, Ptah-Tem, The Heart, Greek Hephaestus, Tatenen, I(e)mhetep, I(e)mhetep, Greek Asclepius, Greek Asclepius, Eshmun, Ophiucus, Imouth(es) or Imouth(es).

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