Baltic - A Finnish creator-goddess and goddess of the air. Daughter of Ilma. Mother of Vainamoinen. She floated in the primordial waters for 700 years and finally either mated with a bird or a teal laid its egg on her knee. The egg fell off and the shell broke, becoming the earth and sky. In some accounts, the bird laid six golden eggs and one made of iron, and with these, Ilmatar filled the universe. A similar story is told about Vainamoinen but in that case the bird was an eagle. In another version, she fell into the ocean and mated with Ahti to produce Vainamoinen and also countless sea creatures. As a goddess of birth, she was known as Luonnotar or Synnytar. Sometimes called Ilmatar, Daughter of the Air, Daughter of the Air, Ilmator, Ilmator, Daughter of the Creator, Daughter of the Creator, Luonnotar, Luonnotar, Luojatar, Synnytar, Daughter of Creation, Sinnytar or Sinnytar.

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