Mesopotamian - A Hittite dragon. This monster was involved in a struggle with the weather-god, Teshub, and overcame him. In revenge, Inaras and Hupasiyas trapped the dragon and its offspring and bound them for the weather-god to kill. In another version, the dragon took the eyes and heart of the weather-god who then begot a son who married Illuyankas' daughter and received the missing parts as a wedding gift. Whole again, Teshub killed the dragon and his own son. In some accounts, this son was Telepini. On occassion, called Illuyankas, Typhoon, Typhoon, Egyptian Set, Greek Typhon, Illuyanka, Illuyanka, Illuankas, Babylonian Tiamat, Babylonian Tiamat, Apep, Leviathan, Tohu, Hebrew Leviathan, Hebrew Leviathan or Nun.

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