Greek - The goddess of childbirth. Daughter of Zeus and Hera. In some versions, she was a primordial force, sister of Gaea, and laid the cosmic egg from which all else sprang. In other versions there were originally two goddesses with this name, one presiding over birth, one prolonging labour pains. They later merged. She tried to delay the birth of Heracles but was outwitted by Galanthis whom she turned into a weasel. She is sometimes identified with Artemis or Hera. Occasionally identified as Ilithyia, Eileithyia, Eileithyia, Eilithieia, Eilithieia, Eilithua, Eilithua, Eilithyia, Eilithyia, Eleuthia, Eleuthia, Ilythia, Ilythia, Juno, Juno, Capritona, Covella, Jugalis, Cinxia, Domiduca, Great Goddess, Huga, Iuno, Iterduca, Jugalia, Lucina, Opigina, Pronuba, Queen of Heaven, Sispes, Sororia, Etruscan Uni, Greek Hera, Eil(e)ithyia, Eil(e)ithyia, Eil(e)itheia, Eil(e)itheia, Eleuthyra, Eleuthyra, Eleuthea, Cretan Eleuthea, Cretan Eleuthea, Egyptian Nekhbet, Egyptian Nekhbet, Roman Juno, Roman Juno, Hera, Uni, Ilithyiae, Ilithyiae or Eileithyiae.

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