Norse - Goddess of youth. Daughter of Ivald and Sol. Wife of Bragi. Some say she had no birth and could never die. She owned a magic basket containing the apples of eternal youth, the supply of which was continuously renewed. She gave these to the gods, some of whom were otherwise not immortal. Tricked by Loki into leaving Asgard with a bowl of this fruit, she was abducted by the storm-giant Thiassi. When the gods, who found themselves aging in the absence of the fruit, discovered what Loki had done they ordered him to get her back. Wearing Freya's falcon-garb he flew to Thrymheim and, changing Idun into a swallow, or a nut, brought her safely back to Asgard. One day when she was sitting on a branch of Yggdrasil she fainted and fell into Niflheim where she was found by Bragi who wrapped her in a white wolf-skin given by Odin. She remained pale and tearful from the horrible sights she had seen in Hel's kingdom and Bragi stayed with her until she recovered. In some stories she was married to Heimdall and seduced by Loki. On occassion, identified as Iduna, Idhunn, Idhunn, Idun, Idun, Ithun, Itunn, Idunn, Idunn, Idunna, Idunna, Y'dun, Y'dun, Id(h)unn, Id(h)unn, Idun(na), Idun(na), Ithun(n) or Ithun(n).

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