Greek - A king of Crete. Son of Deucalion and Pyrrha. Brother of Amphictryon, Hellen and Molus. Husband of Meda. Father of Idamente. He was the leader of the Cretans in the Trojan War and was one of those hidden inside the Wooden Horse. He aimed his spear at Aeneas but killed Oenomaus instead. Returning from Troy, his ship was caught in a storm and Idomeneus vowed to kill the first person he met on shore in Crete if the sea-god, Poseidon, would save his ship. The first person was his own son, Idamente. He killed him and was banished to Italy when a plague descended on the island. In some accounts, he was driven from Crete by Leucus who had seduced Meda while her husband was at Troy. On occassion, referred to as Idomeneus, Cnossius, Cnossius, Idomenus, Lyctius or Lyctius.

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