Irish - A saint. Daughter of Ceannfhaolaidh. Foster-mother of Brendan. Her father wanted her to marry a young noble but she preferred the holy life and became a nun. It was said that she suffered the agony of a large beetle which gnawed her body until it was seen and killed by the other nuns. She was said to have been visited by the infant Jesus. The miracles she is said to have performed included the release of souls from hell and the curing of a man with horse's ears. In some accounts, she owned the marvellous cow, Glas Gabnach. Known as Ide, Deirdre, Deirdre, Hiuki, Hiuki, Byrgir, Gelder, Hjuki, Hyuki, Ide, Slagfinn-Giuki, Hengest, Slagfinn-Gjuki, Ite, Ite, Ide, Mide, Mide, Mo-Ide, Mo-Ide or Ide.

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