Greek - Son of Aphareus and Arene. Husband of Marpessa. Twin brother of Lynceus. Father of Cleopatra. His real father was Poseidon but he was reared by his earthly father, Aphareus. He was a member of the group that hunted the Calydonian boar and he sailed with the Argonauts. He carried off Marpessa in a magic chariot borrowed from Poseidon and, when Apollo took her and turned her into a kingfisher, he fought the god for her hand. Zeus stopped the fight and Marpessa chose to stay with Idas whom she married. In one story, Hilaeria and Phoebe, the brides of Idas and Lynceus, were carried off by Castor and Polydeuces on their wedding day, so starting the feud between the two pairs of brothers. In a fight over this abduction or over some cattle, he killed Castor who was hiding in a hollow tree and wounded Polydeuces. Zeus again intervened and killed Idas with a thunderbolt. Others say that Idas was killed by Polydeuces. Referred to as Idas, Ides, Ides, Idas or Idas.
Greek - A follower of Diomedes. He went to Italy with Diomedes and was turned into a bird by Aphrodite. In some lore, occasionally identified as Idas, Ides, Ides, Idas or Idas.

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