African - A hero in Madagascar. Son of Rasoabemanana. His mother sought help from the seer, Ranakombe, in order to conceive. She went to heaven where a grasshopper entered her and lived in her womb for ten years. The unborn child chose the place where he would be born and got his mother to swallow a knife with which he cut himself free of her body. His mother died at his birth and he jumped into a fire but was unscathed. When he was old enough to marry, Ranakombe set him a number of nearimpossible tasks which he performed successfully and then set out to rescue the maiden Iampelamananoro who had been held captive by Raivato. He gained access to the captor's house by killing the servant Ikonitra and dressing in his skin. Once inside, he overcame Raivato and hammered him into the ground. He rescued the maiden and married her but their happiness was short-lived since he died a few years later. Also identified as Iboniamasiboniamanoro.

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