Chinese - A scholarly monk. He repaid Wang Mu, a widow who had supported him when he was a young student, by saving the life of her son who had been condemned to death for killing a man. He is said to have caused the stars of the Great Bear constellation to disappear from the sky and captured them in the form of pigs. He then advised the emperor to grant a general amnesty and, releasing the pigs, caused the stars to reappear. He was given the title Ta-hui Ch'an-shih after his death. In some lore, occasionally referred to as I-hsing, Ch'an-shih, Ch'an-shih, Ta-hui Ch'an-shih, Ta-hui Ch'an-shih, (Ta-hui) Ch'an-shih, (Ta-hui) Ch'an-shih, (672-717) or (672-717).

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