Greek - A priestess of Aphrodite. Queen of Lemnos. Daughter of Thoas. Mother of Euneus and Thoas (Nebrophonus). The men of Lemnos objected to the rule of women and left them, sleeping with prostitutes. The women rebelled and killed all the men on the island. The only man to escape was Thoas, king of Lemnos, saved by Hypsipyle who secretly set him adrift in a boat. He later recovered his kingdom. When the Argonauts called at Lemnos en route to Colchis, the women slept with the sailors and Hypsipyle herself slept with Jason, bearing him twin sons, Euneus and Thoas. When the other women discovered that she had not killed her father, they sold her as a slave to Lycurgus. Others say that she was exiled and captured by pirates who sold her to Lycurgus but was later rescued by her sons, Euneus and Thoas. She was the nurse of Opheltes, son of Lycurgus, and when she was sent to lead the Seven against Thebes to a pool, she took the boy with her. She sat him down on the ground for a moment where he was bitten by a snake and died. Some say that Adrastus bought her from Lycurgus and she served as a slave for many years before being rescued by her sons. In some accounts, referred to as Hypsipyle, Hupsipule, Hupsipule, 'high gate' or 'high gate'.

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