Greek - The Nysaean nymphs, placed in the heavens by Zeus, as reward for raising the infant Dionysus. Daughters of Atlas and Aethra or Pleione. In some accounts, their names are given as Ambrosia, Coronis, Eudora, Phyto, Polyxo and Tyche (or Dione). A different list appears for the Nysaean nymphs. In some accounts, known as Hyades, Arab Little Camels, Arab Little Camels, Roman Suculae, Roman Suculae, Nysaean nymphs, Nysaean Nymphs, Nysaean Nymphs, Dodonidae, Nysiades, Nysiads, Pleiades, Nysaid(e)s or Pleaides.

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