Central American - A Mayan culture-hero. Son of Xpiyacoc and Xmucane. Brother of Vucub-Hunapu. Husband of Xbakiyalo. Father of Hunbatz and Hunchouen. Father of Hunapu and Ixbalanque. By Xquiq. Hunhunapu and Vucub-Hunapu were invited to Xibalba to play a ball-game, tlachtli, with the rulers of that realm but were killed by Huncame and Vucubcame who decapitated Hunhunapu and hung the head on a tree. The head spat into the hand of the princess Xquiq who bore his sons Hunapu and Ixbalanque who later killed the two underworld gods in revenge. In some accounts, known as Hunhunapu, Hun Hunapu, Hun Hunapu, Hunhun Apu, Hunhun Apu, Hunhun Ahpu, Hunhun Ahpu, Hun Hunapua, Hun Hunapua, Hunhun A(h)pu or Hunhun A(h)pu.

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