Hundred-handed Ones

Greek - Sons of Uranus and Gaea. Briareus, Cottus and Gyges were shut up in Tartarus by Uranus who hated them but released by Cronus when he killed his father. They were sent back to Tartarus when Cronus took control but released again by Zeus to fight in his ten-year war with the Titans. When he won, he confined the Titans in Tartarus where they were guarded by the Hundred-handed Ones. Some say that, in addition to 100 hands, they had fifty heads. In some references, called Hundred-handed Ones, Centimani, Centimani, Uranids, Uranids, Hecatonch(e)ires, Hecatonch(e)ires, Hecatotoncheiroi, Hecatotoncheiroi, Hekatonkheires, Hekatonkheires or Hundred-handed.

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