Central American - The Mayan god of the hunt. One of the Hero Twins. Son of Hunhunapu and Xquiq. Twin brother of Ixbalanque. Brother of Hunbatz and Hunchouen. He and his twin brother were born when the decapitated head of his father, who had been killed by the rulers of Xibalba, spat into the hand of Xqiuq. Their other brothers, Hunbatz and Hunchouen, were jealous of the twins' magical powers and would have killed them but the twins realised their intentions and turned them into monkeys. They set out to dispose of the giant, Vacub-Caquix, and his sons Cabraca and Zipacna. Their first attempt, when they shot a poisoned arrow that struck Vacub-Caquix on the cheek, was not successful so, in the guise of physicians, they pulled out his emerald teeth and gouged out his eyes and he then died. They tried to kill Zipacna by burying him and building a house over the site but the giant recovered and killed the 400 young men who had helped to bury him. Another attempt, when they threw mountains on top of him, was successful in killing him. His brother Cabraca was easily killed when the twins gave him poisoned chicken to eat. They then went to Xibalba, at the invitation of the rulers, to play tlachtli with them, hoping to be able to avenge the death of their father, Hunhunapu. Every time they won a game against the lords of Xibalba, they had to spend a night in a house of torture. They survived the House of Gloom, the House of Lances, the House of Cold, the House of Tigers and the House of Fire but, in the House of Bats, Hunapu was decapitated by the batgod, Camazotz. He was later restored by a turtle. Advised and helped by the magicians Bacam and Xulu, the twins burnt and restored all sorts of things, including, finally, themselves. The rulers Huncame and Vucubcame were persuaded to attempt this feat and were burnt to death. In some accounts, referred to as Hunapu, Hun Ahpo, Hun Ahpo, Hun Apu, Hun Apu, Hunahpu, Hunahpu, Hunaphu, Hunaphu, Magician, Magician, Master, Master, Hun A(h)pu or Hun A(h)pu.

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