Chinese - A deity representing chaos. Chaos is conceived as the state, following Wu Chi, from which the universe emerged. From Chaos, it is said, evolved time and space and a fixed point, T'ai Chi, which gave rise to much change and eventually to substance (Chih). Other accounts make Hun-tun an emperor ruling the centre before creation, while Hu ruled the north and Shu the south. These two merged to form the lightning which pierced the body of Hun-tun which then formed the universe. In some versions, he was a wicked prince sent into exile by his father, the Yellow Emperor, while others say that he was a red, faceless bird with four wings and six legs. Yet another story says that he was the Emperor of China who was born without the seven bodily openings of other humans. When well-meaning friends bored the necessary openings, he died as the last one was bored and the earth came into being at the same time. Also referred to as Hun-tun, Chaos, Chaos, Emperor of the Centre, Emperor of the Centre, Hu, Hu, Emperor of the Northern Seas, Shu, Shu, Shu, Hu, Ju, Hu, T'ai Chi, T'ai Chi, Great Pole, The, Tae Kieh, The Great Pole, Tahgook, Hu, Hu, Hugh, Shu, Hugh, Guernsey Hou, Welsh Hu Gardarn, Shu, Shu, Hu or Hu.

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