Central American - A king of the Toltecs. His rule started well but descended into corruption and oppression so the sorcerer, Touyo, organised a huge gathering and killed thousands of people, whereupon the other rulers offered a sacrifice to the gods. The chosen victim turned out to have no heart and no blood in his veins and more people died in the stench from his body. Huemac humbled himself before the gods and repented of his wickedness. It transpired that the sorcerer, whom his daughter married, was Tezcatlipoca in disguise. In some references, referred to as Huemac, Uemac, Uemac or Huemac.
Central American - A god of earthquakes. An aspect of Quetzalcoatl. In some lore, occasionally identified as Huemac, Uemac, Uemac or Huemac.

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