South American - A Peruvian hero. Son of Paricaca. He overheard two foxes discussing the illness of a chieftain and set out to find him. He fell in love with the chief's daughter and offered to cure her father if she would marry him. He told the chief, whose name was Tamtanamka, that his illness was caused because his wife was unfaithful and that there were two serpents and a two-headed toad poised to do him harm. When a search discovered these reptiles and they were killed, the wife confessed and the chief recovered. At the wedding, his bride's brotherin- law challenged him to various contests, such as drinking, dancing and building a house, all of which Huathiacuri won, largely aided by his father's magic. When the brother-inlaw ran away, Huathiacuri turned him into a deer and his wife into a stone (or vice versa). Sometimes known as Huathiacuri.

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