Huang Ti

Chinese - A sky-god, ruler of the moving heavens. One of the Five Emperors. Patron of doctors and tailors. Son of Fu Pao. Husband of Lei Tsu or Hsi-ling Shih. Father of Feng Po and Yü Ch'iang. He was conceived miraculously and his gestation lasted for twentyfour months. He is credited with the invention of armour, bamboo musical instruments, bricks, a form of script, ships and the potter's wheel. He sent Chu-jung to kill K'un who had stolen his magic Swelling Earth and fought and defeated the demon Chi Yü. He became a Taoist immortal and the patron saint of Taoism and runs the Ministry of Healing with Fu-hsi and Shen Nung. He was said to have four faces and owned a chariot driven by a bird with a human face and drawn by an elephant and six dragons. Also commonly called Huang Ti, Ch'in-shih Huang-ti, Ch'in-shih Huang-ti, Huan Ti, Huan Ti, Cheng Wu, Chen-wu Sheng-kun, Dark Lord, Huan-wu, Pei-chi, Pei-chi-chen-chun, Yellow Emperor, Yellow Emperor, , Yellow Lord, Yellow Lord, Ch'in-shih Huang Ti, Ch'in-shih Huang Ti, Huang or Huang.

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