Chinese - A prince and writer. He was the author of Hung Lieh Chuan, a book of alchemy and magic. In one account, he killed himself after a failed coup but others say that he made an elixir of life which, when he drank it, carried him up to heaven. Another version says that he was originally the king, Liu An, who, with his brother Lu-chiang, was wrongly accused of plotting to overthrow the emperor. Lu-chiang killed himself but Liu An was taken up to heaven by the Eight Immortals. When he realised that great power was not quite what it seemed to be, he spent the rest of his life in the study of philosophy. Some say that he appeared in every generation as Wang Chung-kao. In some accounts, he is one of the three bean-curd gods; the others are Chiao Kuan and Kuan Ti. At times, identified as Huai-nan-tzu, Wang Chung-kao, Wang Chung-kao, Liu An or Liu An.

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