Hsi Wang Mu

Chinese - A Taoist goddess of medicine and immortality. Wife of Tung Wang Kung. Mother of Ching Wo, Hsien Hsiu, Hua. Lin, Mei Lan, Wan, Yao Chi and many others. She was the embodiment of the female yin principle and combined with Tung Wang Kung to create the world and all that is in it. Originally a terrible tiger/leopard woman or plague goddess, she was later regarded as a benevolent goddess, guarding the tree (or herb) of immortality. She was the ruler of the Western Paradise where she lived in a golden palace, hundreds of miles round, built of gold and precious stones, alongside the Lake of Jewels. In the garden of the palace stood the peach tree Shen T'ao, that flowered once every 3,000 years. The fruit took a further 3,000 years to ripen, an event which coincided with her birthday, but made immortal those, such as the archer I, who ate it. I had built her palace and was rewarded with, some say, a pill which would give him immortality but his wife took the pill and was transported to the moon where she became a three-legged toad. Her personal transport was a crane and in one form this goddess was the wife of YĆ¼ Ti, the supreme ruler of heaven. Known as Hsi Wang Mu, Chin Mu, Chin Mu, Queen Mother of the West, Queen Mother of the West, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Heaven, Anat, Arinna, Astarte, Edjo, Hebat, Hera, Holy Mother, Inanna, Isis, Juno, Marishiten, Matron of the Measure, Tara, T'ien Hou, Vajravarahi, Astarte, Juno, Royal Lady of the West, Royal Lady of the West, Royal Mother, Royal Mother, Shih Wang Mu, Shih Wang Mu, Wang Mu, Wang Mu, Wang Mu Niang Niang, Wang Mu Niang Niang, Western Royal Mother, Western Royal Mother, Golden Mother of the Tortoise, Golden Mother of the Tortoise, Hsi Wang-mu, Wang Mu (Niang Niang), Wang Mu (Niang Niang), (Western) Royal Mother, (Western) Royal Mother, Japanese Sei-O-Ba or Japanese Sei-O-Ba.

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