Hounds of Hell

Welsh - A pack of white dogs with red ears. These are the hounds of Arawn, that came from the underworld, and which were chasing the stag that Pwyll claimed. They are the same animals that are kept by Gwyn ap Nudd. On occassion, identified as Hounds of Hell, Cwn Annwfn, Cwn Annwfn, Cwm Mammau, Cwm Mammau, Hounds of Gabriel, Hounds of Gabriel, Wild Hunt, Wild Hunt, Asgardsreid, Cain's Hunt, Dando, Devil's Dandy Dogs, Gabriel's Hounds, Herod's Hunt, Raging Host, Wish Hunt, Woden's Hunt, Asgardreia, Asgard(s)reid, Devil and his Dandy Dogs, Anglo-Saxon Chasse Artur, English Herlathing, French Mesnée d'Hellequin, Norse Asgardsreid, Gandr(i)eid, Herelethingi, Cwm Mamau, Cwm Mamau, English Yeth Hounds or English Yeth Hounds.

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