Chinese - A culture-hero. Son of Chiang Yüan. He was the offspring of a virgin birth, conceived when the maiden Chiang Yüan trod on the toe (or toe-print) of a god. He taught the people the arts of agriculture and was later deified as the Confucian god of agriculture. In some accounts, Hou-chi is the god of millet and Hou-t'u is a separate deity, god of earth or soil, who later went on to become the goddess Hou-t'u-nai-nai. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Hou-t'u, T'u, T'u, hare, Hou-chi, Hou-chi, Hou t'u, Lord of the Earth, Lord of the Earth, (Millet) Prince, (Millet) Prince, Prince of the Earth, Prince of the Earth, She, She, She-chi, She-chi, She-tse, She-tse, Hou-t'u Shen, Hou-t'u Shen, T'u-ti Shen or T'u Ti Shen.

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