Persian - Son of Siyamak and Nashak. Grandson of Gayomart. Consort of Gushak. He was regarded as the first law-giver, was credited with the introduction of metal-working and, with Gushak, is regarded by some as the progenitor of the Iranians. After making a sacrifice to the gods on top of the iron mountain known as Hara Berzaite, he was given divine protection which enabled him to eradicate the demons, killing most of them while the rest fled into the outer darkness. In the Shah Name, he caused fire to appear when he struck a dragon with a stone and is said to have domesticated asses, cattle and sheep. In the Bundahishn, he was the grandson, rather than the son, of Siyamak. In some lore, occasionally called Hoshang, Haoshangha, Haoshangha, Haoshyangha, Haoshyangha, Hushang, Hushang, Haosh(y)angha or Haosh(y)angha.

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