Horus the Younger

Egyptian - Son of Osiris and Isis or Horus and Hathor. In this form, Horus is depicted naked either sucking his fingers or being suckled by Isis. In some references, identified as Horus the Younger, Harsiese, Harsiese, Harsiesis, Harsiesis, Horus the Child, Horus the Child, Harpakhrad, Harpakhrad, Har-pa-khered, Har-pi-chruti, Harpa-khruti, Harpichruti, Her-pe-khred, Heru-pakhret, Heru-pakhart, Horus, Harpi-chruti, Heu-pa-khart, Greek Harpocrates, Harpokrates, Taut or Taut.

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