Horus of the Horizon

Egyptian - A form of Horus. In this form, Horus was Ra, the sungod, as the rising and setting sun. He is depicted as the disc of the sun set between falcon wings. Occasionally called Horus of the Horizon, Har-em-akhet, Har-em-akhet, Harakte, Harakte, Harakhti, Harakhti, Herakhte, Herakhte, Herakhty, Herakhty, Herkhty, Herkhty, Hor-akhi, Hor-akhi, Horakt, Horakt, Horakhte, Horakhte, Horakhti, Horakhti, Horemakhet, Horemakhet, Horus Aroeris, Horus Aroeris, Hermakhis, Hermakhis, Harmachis, Horakhi, Horakhi, Horakh(ti), Horakh(ti), Horakte, Horakte, Horemakhe, Horemakhe, Ra-Herakhta, Ra-Herakhta, Re-Herakhty, Greek Harakhtes, Greek Harakhtes, Behedti or Behedti.

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