Holy Lance

British - The weapon with which the Roman. Centurion Longinus pierced Christ's. Side at the crucifixion. This lance or spear was brought to Britain with the Holy Grail by Joseph of Arimathea and Evelake. It was used, in some accounts, by Balin to kill or to wound Pelham. In other accounts, Galahad found the lance and used it to cure Pelles, guardian of the Grail, who had been made lame for his sins. It was taken back to the Holy Land by Galahad, Percival and Bors at the end of the Grail Quest and, at the death of Galahad, the Lance and the Grail disappeared forever. In the Wagnerian version, this weapon was kept in the Temple of the Grail and Amfortas took it with him when he tried to destroy the evil magician, Klingsor. Klingsor took the spear from Amfortas and struck him in the side, thereby causing a wound that healed only when Parsifal, at the end of the Grail Quest, regained the spear and laid it on the wound. In some accounts, it was used by Charlemagne in his battles with the Saracens. On occassion, referred to as Holy Lance, Bleeding Lance, Bleeding Lance, Grail Lance, Grail Lance, Grail Spear, Grail Spear, Holy Spear, Holy Spear, Lance of Longinus, Lance of Longinus, Longinus, Longinus, Longius, Sacred Lance, Sacred Lance, Sacred Spear or Sacred Spear.

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