Holy Grail,The

British - A holy vessel. This prized object was Christ's cup or plate which he was said to have used at the Last Supper and in which Joseph was said to have caught the blood of Christ at the Crucifixion. It was made from an emerald which fell from Lucifer's crown when he was cast out of heaven. It was later brought by Joseph of Arimathea and Evelake to Britain where it was guarded by the 'undead' Fisher King. It was said that if the Grail ever fell into the hands of a sinner, the peace of the world would come to an end and the Grail would disappear. It appeared at the banquet at Camelot when Galahad took his seat as a knight of the Round Table, inspiring the knights to set out in their search for it, the Grail-quest. Only Galahad was deemed worthy of finding the Grail which was taken back to the Holy Land by Galahad, Percival and Bors. When Galahad died, the Grail and the Holy Lance disappeared forever. In some versions, it was Percival who finally achieved the Grail, in others it was Gawain. In the Wagnerian version, the Grail was sought by Titurel and his band of knights in another land. They built a temple on Mount Salvat and angels brought the Grail from heaven. Titurel spent the rest of his life guarding the Grail, day and night, and, when he died, the duty was carried on by his son, Amfortas. In some accounts, the Grail was a stone on which had been engraved the names of the knights guarding it. Also referred to as Holy Grail,The.

Holy Grail, The

English - A poem by Tennyson. Also commonly known as Holy Grail, The.

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