Norse - Son of Giuki and Grimhild. Brother of Gudrun, Gunnar and Guttorm. Father of Dag and Sigrun, some say. His sister Gudrun, after the murder of her husband Sigurd by their younger brother Guttorm, married Atli, king of the Huns who, coveting the treasure of the Niblungs, invited them to his court, planning to kill them. Despite a warning, his elder brother, Gunnar, accepted the invitation but took the precaution of hiding the gold in the bed of the Rhine. Atli killed all the party except Gunnar and Hogni whom he tortured to reveal the hiding place of the treasure. To force Gunnar to speak, Atli had Hogni killed and cut out his heart which he displayed before Gunnar who, still refusing to speak, was thrown into a snake-pit and bitten to death. In another story, his enemy, King Hedinn, abducted Hilde and they fought an everlasting battle over her in which the slain were revivified every night by Hilde or a sorceress. He owned a sword called Dainslef. In some accounts, identified as Hogni, Hagen, Hagen, Hagan, Hagano, Hagru, Amelrich, Hagan(o), Norse Hogni, Hogne, Hogne, German Hagen, German Hagen, Hagen or Hagen.

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