European - A king of Brittany. Father of Belinda, Helen, Isabella, Isolde, Kaherdin and Runalen. In some accounts, his parents are given as Boudicus and Anna, in others he is the son of Ymer by Gwyar, a sister of King Arthur. In some versions he is known as Gilierchins, in others as Havelin or Jovelin. His eldest daughter, Isabella, married Meliad after the death of his first wife and she tried to poison Meliad's son, Tristram, who was then sent to Hoel's court for safety. His other daughter, Belinda, fell in love with Tristram and she also tried to poison him when he rejected her. Helen was carried off by the giant of Mont St Michel but, King Arthur, who had landed in Brittany to help his friend Hoel fight the Romans, killed the giant though not in time to save Helen's life. Occasionally referred to as Hoel, Howel, Howel or Hoel.
Celtic - Duke of Tintagel. In some accounts, the husband of Igraine and father of Blasine, Belisent and Hermisent. Called Hoel, Howel, Howel or Hoel.

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