Greek - One of the Earthborn Giants. Son of Uranus and Gaea. He was killed by Hermes during the battle between the giants and the gods. At times, called Hippolytus.
Greek - Son of Theseus and Hippolyta or Antiope. He was adopted by Pittheus, king of Troezen and rejected the advances of Phaedra, his step-mother, whereupon she hanged herself claiming he had tried to rape her. Theseus invoked the help of his father Poseidon to bring about the death of Hippolytus. Poseidon sent a huge bull or seal that frightened the horses which pulled the chariot of Hippolytus and when they bolted, Hippolytus was dragged against the rocks and killed. In Tartarus he was almost restored to life by Asclepius but Zeus killed the physician before he could complete the task. In some versions he was restored to life and lived as an immortal in Italy where he was worshipped as Virbius. In some references, called Hippolytus.
Greek - Father of Deiphobus, some say. Also identified as Hippolytus.
Greek - A play by Euripides telling the story of Hippolytus and his step-mother, Phaedra. Sometimes known as Hippolytus.
Greek - A play by Seneca alternatively. Called Phaedra. Occasionally referred to as Hippolytus.

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