Hine Titama

Pacific Islands - A sky-goddess. Daughter of Tane and Hine-ahu-one. Mother of Hine Titamauri. She unwittingly married her own father and, ashamed of what had happened, killed herself and became a goddess of the underworld in the form of Hine-nui-te-po. In some accounts it was Hine-i-tauira who killed herself in shame and became an underworld goddess. At times, called Hine Titama, Dawn-girl, Dawn-girl, Dawn Maiden, Dawn Maiden, Hina, Hina, Great Lady of the Night, Hine-nui-te-po, Ma-Hina, Mahina, Hine-i-tau-ira, Hine(-nui-te-po), Ina, Ma Hina, Mahina, Hine-ahu-one, Hine-ahu-one, Earth-girl, Hine-atua-rangi, Hine-atua-rangi, Hine Titamauri, Tiki-kapakapa, Tiki-kapakapa, Tikikapaka, Tikikapaka, Hineatua-rangi, Hineatua-rangi, Hina, Hina or Mahina.

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