Hill of Aisneach

Irish - A hill said to be the centre of Ireland. This was the site of one of Tuathal's four palaces and of the Giants' Ring from which Merlin transported the stones to build Stonehenge. Occasionally called Hill of Aisneach, Aisneach, Hill of, Aisneach, Hill of, Balor's Hill, Balor's Hill, Hill of Uisneach, Hill of Uisneach, Killaraus, Killaraus, Mount Killaraus, Mount Killaraus, Mount Killarus, Mount Killarus, Mount Killaurus, Mount Killaurus, Uisneach, Hill of, Uisneach, Hill of, (Mount) Killa(u)r(a)us or (Mount) Killa(u)r(a)us.

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