German - The German version of Aude. Sometimes known as Hildegunde.
German - A Frankish princess. Daughter of Hereric. Wife of Walther von Wasgenstein. Her father handed her over when she was just a child as a hostage to Attila when he feared that his small kingdom would be overrun by the Hun's army. She was raised by Attila's queen and, as she grew older, virtually ran the household. She fell in love with Walther, another hostage who, with his friend and fellow-hostage Hagen, had been trained in the arts of war by Attila. Hagen later escaped and returned to Burgundy where he joined Gunther who had just become king on the death of his father. Later, she escaped with Walther, taking with them much treasure from the Hun's coffers. Gunther coveted this treasure and persuaded Hagen to join him when he set out to find and kill the fugitives and seize the treasure. In the event, Walther killed all the warriors sent against him by Gunther and severely wounded both Gunther and Hagen. Walther lost his right hand in the encounter but the three men became reconciled and Walther and Hildegunde continued their journey to his home in Aquitane where they were married. In Thidrekssaga she is called Hildigundr, and, in a Polish version, Helgunda. In some references, called Hildegunde.

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