Norse - Son of Herbrand. Brother of Ilsan. Husband of Ute. Father of Hadubrand. He was foster-father to Dietrich and became his greatest friend. They set out to kill the giant Grim who was ravaging the countryside and forced the dwarf, Alberich, to lead them to the giant. Dietrich killed Grim and his wife Hilde with his magic sword, Nagelring, and he and Hildebrand shared the giant's treasure between themselves. Both he and Dietrich were captured by Sigenot, brother of the slain Grim, but Hildebrand managed to kill the giant and they escaped. He was present when Krimhild killed the captive Hagen who refused to reveal where in the Rhine he had hidden the Nibelung treasure and he was so incensed by her cruelty that he killed her. When Emenrich attacked Dietrich who had refused to pay tribute, Hildebrand and a party of his men were captured. To save their lives, Dietrich gave up his kingdom to Ermenrich and left with many of his friends, going to Etzel's court. In later years, he met his son Hadubrand in battle, although neither recognised the other. They fought to a standstill and, finally realising the relationship, were re-united. Some accounts say that he killed his son. On occassion, known as Hildebrand.

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