German - Daughter of the king of Portugal. As a child, she was carried off by a griffin and lived for many years in a cave with three others who had likewise been abducted. Two of these three were Hagen, son of the king of Denmark, and Hilde, another princess. They were all rescued by a passing ship owned by Count Garadie who was forced by Hagen to take them to his father's court where he and Hilde were married. Occasionally called Hildburg.
Norse - Daughter of Walgund. Wife of Hugdietrich. Mother of Bogen, Waxmuth and Wolfdietrich. Her father kept her locked in a tower to exclude would-be suitors but Hugdietrich gained access in the guise of an old woman, fathering a son on her. She kept the birth secret but the boy was taken by wolves from which he was rescued by Berchther and Walgund and given the name Wolfdietrich. She later married Hugdietrich and bore two more sons, Bogen and Waxmuth. Also commonly known as Hildburg.
Norse - A companion of Gudrun. She was captured when her mistress was abducted by Hartmut and taken to Normandy. They were both rescued by Herwig and Ortwin and Hildburg later married Ortwin. Also identified as Hildburg.

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