Pacific Islands - Sister of Pele and Kapo. Second wife of Lohiau. She was born from an egg which Pele carried in her armpit. Lohiau was the second husband of her sister, Pele, who killed him and all his attendants when they were very slow in arriving at the new home she had made for her husband. Another story says that Lohiau died before Pele sent for him and Hiiaka was sent to collect his body. She retrieved his soul from the underworld and reunited it with his body. Lohiau then fell in love with Hiiaka but the jealous Pele poured lava over him and he died again. Hiiaka went to the underworld to wait for his soul to arrive but Kanehoalani had found the soul in the upper world and restored Lohiau to life once again. The god gave Lohiau a magic shell which turned into a boat that took Lohiau to an island where he found Hiiaka and they married. On occassion, called Hiiaka, Ha'iaka or Ha'iaka.

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