German - A north German king. Husband of Hilde. Father of Gudrun and Ortwin. Three of his followers, Frute, Horant and Wat, abducted Hilde, the daughter of Hagen, with whom Hettel was in love. Hagen invaded to rescue his daughter and wounded Hettel in the battle that ensued but they made peace and Hettel married Hilde, fathering a daughter, Gudrun, and a son, Ortwin. When Hettel rejected Herwig's suit for the hand of Gudrun, Herwig invaded Hettel's kingdom and so impressed the king with his courage that he consented to the marriage. Gudrun was abducted by another unsuccessful suitor, Hartmut, so Hettel joined forces with Herwig and a third suitor, Siegfried, to rescue her. They failed in this attempt even though Hettel killed Hartmut's father, Ludwig, in the battle. In some versions, Hettel himself was killed in the battle. Gudrun was later rescued by Herwig, Ortwin and Wat. In some accounts, known as Hettel, Hetel, Hetel, Hettle or Hettle.

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